Shabarimala Lord Sri Ayyappan
Routes & Distance

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Routes and Distance to Pamba

Trivandram to Pamba 176 kms
Trivandram to Erumely 149 kms
Kottarakkara to Pamba (via) kaipatoor 104 kms
Punalur to Pamba 102 kms
Kottayam to Pamba (via) Manimala 122 kms
Kottayam to Erumely (via) Kanjirappally   54 kms
Kottayam to Erumeli (via) Manimala   52 kms
Kottayam to Mount Estate (via) Vandiperiyar 108 kms
Ernakulam to Erumely (via) Vaikom, Palai, Ponkunnam 121 kms
Erumely to Pampa   86 kms
Erumely to Sabarimala (by walk) (via) Azhutha, Karimala, Vallanavatam, Pamba   56 kms
Mount Estate to Sabarimala   11 kms

 Plenty of buses and private vehicles are available to reach Erumely or Pamba.


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